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What this means for you: I mentioned before that French people don’t generally have “the talk” where the prospective couple decides if they want to be exclusive, so how do you know if you and your Parisian paramour are BF and GF? This doesn’t really happen in French dating culture.

If, during your courtship, you kiss on the lips it’s taken as a non-verbal agreement that you’re attracted to each other and are in a relationship.

Luckily you do; otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

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French women go by the mantra that if there isn’t daily contact, he’s just not interested. This is something that also translates to the workplace, so preparation is key: your best bet is to aim to be 10 minutes late yourself, or to bring your i Pod. Whereas my previous idea of romance was receiving a cup of tea without asking, the French are much more forward and are famed for their skills at beautifully crafted declarations of love, vast bouquets, moonlight walks and spontaneous romantic evenings.Don’t ask me why, this is something I could never figure out (although I’m sure the Marshall Plan has something to do with it).French news always talk about what’s going on in the US, French tabloids care about US celebrities as much if not more than about French celebrities (even if French reality TV wannabe celebrities are stealing the spotlight more and more these days… They won’t tell you “nobody died in no accident today” and same thing goes when they talk about people and celebrities.Peppering their conversations with little expressions and words in English is as chic (or some would say pretentious) as when we sprinkle our dialogue with a few . However, Don’t Do What I Did: Overestimate your French communication skills where I was at times unwittingly suggestive.How was I to know that addressing my aggressive cat as a feminine noun would have such a salacious dirty double meaning?

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