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Nearby an offering stela dedicated to Seth was found, depicting him as a hippopotamus.

Petrie and Brunton interpreted the bones and ivory as offerings to Seth, evidence of a never before reported local Seth worship practise.

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Special focus will be laid on finds made during our most recent field work season in April 2017.

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The MSc also acts as preliminary training for doctoral research.

The pre-set essay(s) and research project provide opportunity for specialisation within these areas.

Most students study all three archaeological science options, but it is possible to replace one of these with an option from the Master's in Archaeology or the Master's in Classical Archaeology run by the department.

Dr Martin Bommas, University of Birmingham Since 2015, the joint University of Birmingham/ EES Qubbet el-Hawa Research Project (QHRP) works in the Northern necropolis of the OK-MK necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa, at a site that has never been investigated before.

This paper presents an update on our current work, problems and priorities.

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