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Polish people are family oriented and utterly sincere which is they can qualify to your standards of a lifetime partner Online dating sites are constantly providing relief to European singles who want a faster and easy way of finding a lover.

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The six-point list, rife with stereotypes, included "they're always sexy", "they forgive cheating", and "they're perfect housewives and learn household tasks from a young age". The president of Italy's Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, also linked such sexist attitudes to violence.

The other points cited in the list - which Perego said she had found online - were that Eastern European women supposedly "let their husbands call the shots", "they're all mums but after giving birth they regain their sculpted figures", and "they don't whine". We want feminist media to fight against gendered violence." Reaction on social media was a mixture of astonishment - "This is a joke, right? "Yesterday on Rai 1, they illustrated why feminism should never stop, but be urgent," said one viewer. "If we objectify women, from there it's a small step to violence," she said.

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There are millions of people all over the world who are hoping to find their one true love anywhere at any time.

Polish dating has become increasingly popular due to the demand of European singles who want to discover new men and women who are also looking for love.

Some authors like Schramm derived the Albanians from the Christian Bessi, or Bessians, an early Thracian people who were pushed westwards into Albania, thus making Albanian language descendant from Thracian, however this is one of many theories with mainstream historians supporting the Illyrian theory.

eastern Republic of Macedonia, Northern Greece, European Turkey and in parts of Bithynia (North-Western Asiatic Turkey).

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